About Us

Our story, a passion for high quality farming.

Our Story

Canadian Valley Garlic is a farm operated and maintained by a multi-generation family of farmers. The farm is located on Downes Road in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and spans multiple acres of Russian Red Garlic crops. 

At Canadian Valley Produce, we have a commitment to producing the highest quality in everything we do, and ventured on this journey of Russian Red Garlic to formulate and care for the perfect crops on the perfect soil, all in the perfect environment for growth. We take pride in the amount of care that goes into our farm and as a result, we produce a product that is of the highest quality available on the market. 

The Process

Seeds are planted and full-time care begins for the crops on our farm.

Between October and July, our crops are regularly treated and checked to ensure the highest quality all around the farm.

Beginning of July
Harvesting season begins, with the first harvest beginning at the start of July.

July 10th
Russian Red Garlic from our harvest is ready to ship, and a steady supply is maintained and made available to customers.

Growing Commitment

Canadian Valley Produce has a commitment to using strictly natural growing methods adopted by organic growers. Our farm always has long crop rotations and adds compost for fertility. We always avoid the use of synthetic pesticides.

Each and every crop is individually inspected regularly throughout the growing season and before/at harvest – any garlic that appears weak or shows signs of any issues is removed immediately and destroyed to ensure that our customers only receive the strongest, healthiest product.